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Why It’s Safer


Reduced back related injury on installation/removal

  • a 12 foot wood plank weighs 48 lbs. dry and up to 68 lbs. wet
  • A 10 foot Bothwell Plank weighs 28 lbs. wet or dry

Reduced slip injury

  • the Bothwell Plank’s patented non-skid surface provides a firm grip even when wet

Reduced trip injury

  • without the standard overlapping boards, feet, cords, hoses, and building materials won’t get snagged

Reduced loss-of-balance injury

  • the Bothwell Plank has a much more consistent deflection (flex) than wood allowing for stepping on two boards at once minimizing risks of ankle twisting

Reduced electrical shock injury

  • the Bothwell Plank has a significantly lower conductance than metal or wet wood plank minimizing the potential transfer of current from plank-to-frame-to-plank.

Reduced plank failure injury

  • the Bothwell Plank doesn’t corrode, rot, rust or split like other types of plank

Reduced plank slippage injury

  • interlocking end connectors nearly eliminate the possibility of slippage