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Company History

Company History

Founded in 1999 for the sole purpose of bringing a plastic scaffolding plank into the scaffolding market, Bothwell Enterprises Inc. is a closely held company with 67 Shareholders and five Board Members. The company holds three issued patents and two pending.

In 2002, the planks early development took place at Bemis Manufacturing Co. located in Sheboygan Falls, WI where Bemis was instrumental in designing and developing not just a plank but a complete system. The key to the system are the plastic end connectors which were designed, engineered and developed at Bemis.

In 2004, the planks were engineered and developed at Top Glass s.p.a located in Milan Italy and the system was complete. Once the system was proven Top Glass produced and assembled at their plant in Milan, Italy and the planks were then shipped to Bothwell headquarters for distribution. In 2006, after 7 years of extensive research and development the Bothwell Composite Plank went into full production and Bothwell Enterprises opened their first facility. Headquartered in Upland, California, Bothwell Enterprises was located in a 5,000 square foot warehouse containing 3 offices and a full scale workshop where inventory was housed and shipped to customers. Getting diazepam 2 mg

In 2009, after challenging years of marketing a new product in an era of the worst recession of our time the product caught attention in the nuclear industry and small quantities were purchased for a handful of plants.

In 2010 the company began working jointly with Duke Energy in designing a “filler board” system that would solve the problems associated with the obstacles found inside the nuclear plants. After three years of proto-typing, engineering and several designs the Bothwell Plank and Deck system came to fruition. As the result of new government restrictions the composite plank was no longer allowed in the plants and an Aluminum version was developed.

In late 2013 the company put into production the Bothwell Aluminum Plank and Deck System designed and developed for the nuclear industry. The company built an assembly line in Chandler AZ housed in a 10,000 square foot building and is the new Headquarters for the company. That same year the company teamed up with Creative Pultrusions located in Allen Bank, P.A. where the composite planks are produced and assembled. All Bothwell products are American made! Safe place to buy modafinil online