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About the Inventor

Tim Bothwell

Early in life, Tim was always fascinated with Lego blocks and Erector sets and at 20 years of age, while working for a roofing contractor in Southern California in 1983, Tim was introduced to scaffolding for the first time.  Within a couple of months fate would have it, Tim found himself setting scaffolding for one of the largest the Plastering Contractors in Los Angeles.

To Tim, it was a giant erector set and it became a passion to erect it in perfection.  After just a year of setting scaffolding on track homes it was time to expand his knowledge in the scaffolding industry by working  on bigger projects.  In 1984 he moved back to his home town of Riverside, CA and went to work for a large scaffolding company where he immediately began training crews and became a foreman.  After two years of learning the operations of a large scaffolding company from estimating to running large projects it was time for Tim to do the inevitable.

In 1986 at the age of 23 Tim established Bothwell Custom Scaffolding, which gained industry recognition, with a reputation for innovation and setting more specialized and complex jobs.  In the 12 years of running his company Bothwell Custom scaffolding accumulated $250,000 worth of scaffolding.  Over the years Tim became more sensitive to the major safety issues as well as the financial cost of preserving and maintaining wood scaffolding planks, thinking a plastic plank made sense but did not take the idea serious until he sold the company in 1998.

In 1999 Mr. Bothwell filed for a U.S. Patent, incorporated Bothwell Enterprises and went to work full time on bringing a plastic scaffolding plank to market. Over a period of 10 years Tim raised $1.8 million in selling shares in his company, has three issued patents and has gained the knowledge of intellectual property, corporate law, structural engineering and the four different processes of Plastic Manufacturing. 

His respect and recognition in the industry for innovation and perseverance is well known throughout the Scaffolding Industry Association nationwide. In 2009 and 2010 Tim served as Chairman of the Plank and Platform council for the Scaffolding Shoring and Framing Institute (SSFI) which writes, approves and submits the OSHA and ANSI standards.  

Accomplishments –

  • Inventor/Founder and CEO of Bothwell Enterprises Inc.
  • 33 years in the scaffolding industry
  • 17 years of experience in Manufacturing
  • Raised $1.8 million in start up capital
  • Holds three patents in U.S. and internationally
  • Put a new composite plank on the market (has never been successfully done before)
  • Put a new innovative Aluminum Plank and Deck System on the market